Matt Hartwick

Review: A couple of months ago Sarah Smith released her latest album titled 11

Heather Young

Review: Ontario native Sarah Smith has just released her brand new album entitled 11

Jim Barber

Sarah Smith Releases Powerful, Passionate, Deeply Personal New Album - 11

The Courage Makers Podcast

Podcast: Creativity, Seeking and Leaps of Faith with Sarah Smith

Jim Barber

Sarah Smith Building Her Fanbase One Audience at a Time

Scott Taylor

Terror a threat, but rocker Sarah Smith won't back down


Kanadischer Rockstar live auf der Kleinkunstbühne in Raesfeld-Erle

James Reaney

Hurling a sledge hammer into the sunset just another day at work for rocker.


Sarah Smith goes solo (video)

Paul Clarke

Sarah Smith returns to Jasper backed by a full band.

Pat Blythe

Where do I begin. A powerful, passionate voice, and a very persuasive stage presence…magnetic, engaging, fun, open….just the whole package all rolled up in one dynamo.

Donald McArthur

Sarah Smith plays lunchtime set at Windsor Star News Cafe.

Borio TV

Performance and Interview

RTL – Live TV

Interview and Performance

RTL – Radio

Interview and Performance

Atelier Lüke

Blondinen rocken das Atelier Lüke

Erle Raesfeld

Sängerin Sarah Smith aus Kanada in Erle

London Free Press

2014 List Of Best Local Albums


Sarah Smith interview on SKYHIGH Radio

Matt Hartwick

"The Journey" CD Review: The newest album from Sarah Smith titled The Journey is a well balanced diverse album mixed personal songs that are brought out to live with her unmistakable vocals.

John Huff

...Sarah Smith should be an inspiration to indie musicians everywhere.

Jamie Vernon

Every track appears to be produced and mixed for radio play.

The Silo

One of the hardest working musicians in Canada.

Bob Mersereau



This woman can belt out a song with energy and passion even after being on the road days at a time. So far, one of the best concerts I have heard live.

Kevin Thorne

...What is an independent musician these days? I think it's someone in charge of their own career. They have control of their creative visions, their finances and their touring schedules...

Darryl Da Silva

Sarah Smith turns Aeolian into rip-roaring roadhouse with sold-out concert.

Chris Haystead

...Sarah Smith... a woman that I believe could help to renew the rightful place of the big voice, big personality female rock star.

Cheryl Mazak

With a voice that is often, in fact almost always, compared to Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Etheridge, or Janis Joplin, Smith makes you want to rock out and at the same time recharges your heart and soul.

Jaimie Vernon

Smith reveals a bigger range with hints of Darby Mills, Holly Woods, Ann Wilson (Heart) and Alannah Myles...