Stronger Now Villa Sound Remixes

Stronger Now Villa Sound Remixes
For the album, “Villa Sound Remixes”, please add this description: “In the cold & blizzardy winter of 2013, Sarah Smith and Tim Thorney (Sarah’s co-writer and Producer at Villa Sounds) decided to get together in Tim’s house, nestled in the snow-covered hills of Collingwood, Ontario, and give a fresh sound to her debut album, “Stronger Now” (Originally Produced by Kevin Doyle and released on June 22nd 2012). This is a new way to hear the songs that Sarah’s fans have come to love.”
  1. The Stars (Villa Sound Remix)
  2. Lucky One (Villa Sound Remix)
  3. More (Villa Sound Remix)
  4. Stronger Now (Villa Sound Remix)
  5. Shine Bright (Villa Sound Remix)
  6. Can't Wait (Villa Sound Remix)
  7. Will You Miss Me (Villa Sound Remix)

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